Beating the “Software Boss” and Claiming Back Our Soul

Mario Brothers

What do you mean by the “Software Boss”?


So why is our experience with software like this?

How does zzyw try to beat the “Software Boss”?

What did you learn from ThingThingThing?

So what did zzyw do after ThingThingThing?

Computational Haze is a series of experiments that seek to disrupt our typical online experience.

Hazy Chatroom, zzyw, April 2020
Hazy Chrome Extension, zzyw, November 2020
  • Background Color: All the articles on the website will be assigned a different background color, mapped to how the AI algorithm classifies each article, as opposed to anthropocentric ways of classification, ie., conservative vs. liberal, right vs. left.
  • Text Blocking: Words associated with frequently appearing patterns are blocked by black color stripes.
  • Image Swap: Images covering top news stories are swapped with user contributed gifs crowd sourced from the internet.
  • Hyperlink Swap: Hyperlinks to popular stories are swapped with less popular stories on the site.

Beating the ‘software Boss’



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zzyw is an art and research collective producing software, installations, and texts examining the cultural, political and educational imprints of computation.